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"I'm often asked for a list of tools that I've used to build "Make Online Residual Earnings". Now I've finally listed them all down this left hand column below..."


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Looking for someone to host your webpages? Bravenet provide a range of good-value hosting packages and a wide range of free tools...

Host4Profit are another web hosting company that offer a good service plus $10 per month for every person you get to sign up with them...


If you're building an online business where you need to build a list of contacts, personalise email and send autoresponses to those contacts, then you can't do better than...


If you're building an online business you need people (leads) to tell about your services and products. OppSeekers provide 15,000 leads for just $25...


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Keep visitors up to date with changes to your website, post news, articles and notices of your products using RSS...
Simple RSS File Generator

Make Online Residual Earnings

How would you like to make online residual earnings of several hundred to several thousand dollars per month? Just think what you could do with even a few hundred dollars extra per month - take the family on a great vacation; buy a better car or home than you can currently afford or buy some of those expensive toys you've always drooled over. Maybe it'll give you more personal time because you won't have to work for as long or as hard as you do currently. That extra time lets you pursue other personal goals, whether it's finding time for a personal life, giving more time to family and friends or hobbies or pursuing some other personal goals.

This site provides some of the tools and products I've used to earn an online income. The associated newsletter provides more in-depth knowledge on how to go about making money on the internet. If that's something that appeals to you, then sign up. [If you've already closed the newsletter signup form and want to subscribe, just refresh the page and it will reappear.] I'm not going to tell you how to become a millionaire overnight but to provide more realistic goals for average joes like you and me. It is possible to make an income online. I know...because I've done it.

Gary Nugent

May 28: Start Earning Money From Your Website:
While I was building my websites (see May 27th entry), Google Adsense became one of the first money earning additions to the sites. I'd already been using Adsense on my large astronomy site, The Night Sky Observer, for over a year, but earnings from the ads weren't great. Recently, I came across two ebooks that describe how the presentation, size and placing of Adsense ads and selecting the right keywords around which to base a webpage can radically change the ads' earning potential:

What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense!
Top Earning Keywords For AdSense Success!

I've used the techniques outlined in both of these ebooks to implement the Google Adsense ads on all of my websites, to understand the importance of keywords on webpages and, as a result, tripled the revenue I receive from those ads.

May 27th: Building Websites:
A lot of my time recently has been spent building a two new niche websites, one based around cats, the other around landscape photography. It gave me an opportunity to field-test Site Build It!, a point-and-click website building system that provides a huge range of tools like email forms, autoresponders and newsletter subscriptions and mailings. If you've no knowledge about how to go about building webpage, then Site Build It! is for you. They provide a 10-step course on getting a profitable website up and running (every website should at least pay its own hosting fees) and I can certainly recommend them having used them for the last six months. To find out more, click the links below. These will show you various aspects of the system:
"Why build JUST a Web site...when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?"
The Very ESSENCE, the CORE of What Site Build It! MEANS
Passion -- For SOHOs, startups, and newbies
Proof that Site Build It! works
Listen to the Site Build It! founder's radio interview
Questions? Go ahead...ask Site Build It! a question
Make Your Content PRESell eBook

By the way, if you're not already signed up with ClickBank, you should do so now. You can sell your own products through them or promote/sell products they market through their affiliate program. There are usually healthy commissions offered on sales (up to 50%!). Sign Up Now!

Dec. 7th: Here's something you might be interested in that just dropped into my mailbox: All marketers struggle with this...
This is a web seminar being run by internet entrepreneur Jason Potash with four guest experts discussing niche marketing - the way to go acording to current buzz.

These Are The Products I've Used With Success!

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What Google Never Told You
About Making Money with AdSense!

is a battle-tested AdSense Manual that picks up where Google left off, handing you the secret keys to multiplying your Google AdSense income with a series of time tested tips that you can apply in a matter of minutes!
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Top Earning Keywords For AdSense Success!
AdSense is nothing short of a’s so easy to put up, and the technology accurately serves relevant advertisements to your visitors. Google shares the revenue of that click coming from your site with you. Yet, so many are struggling to reach the check threshold of $100, making only pocket change. That's where Top Earning Keywords For AdSense Success! comes in. It shows you exactly how to find keywords and build pages that get the BIGGEST AdSense clicks.
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You don't need to know a thing about HTML, web site promotion, or search engine optimization… and you can still build a professionally-looking web site that drives 100's, even 1,000's of free visitors from Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines. Site Build It!

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How to Create and SELL Products ONLINE

How to Create and SELL Products ONLINE
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Earn a 30% Commission
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