Learn How To Take Great Landscape Photographs With Any Camera And A Few Basic Accessories!

"Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment." - Ansel Adams

Landscape photography is at the same time one of the easiest and most difficult subjects to approach. It is easy because landscapes are so familiar and accessible - they are all around us, and by now most of the obvious scenic views are catalogued tourist attractions with established viewpoints. In addition, landscapes are pretty permanent; they don't move, and so all that is necessary is to get there with a camera. Finally, for the simplest shot, there are no extreme technical difficulties.

But despite this simplicity, there is an outstanding difference between the ordinary "postcard" views and the finest creative results of landscape photography. Many casually-conceived photographs of interesting views that stimulated the photographer turn out to be disappointing, failing to capture the essence of the scene. This is precisely because landscapes are such familiar, accessible subjects. Many photographers do not put a great deal of effort into a shot, yet to lift a landscape photograph out of the ordinary requires considerable perception and technique.

Achieving great landscape photography is not an accident. There are some basics you need to master but it's all pretty simple stuff. And those are the techniques that this eBook will teach you.

Image how good you'll feel when friends and family who look at your photos go "Oohh" and "Aahhh" rather than "Hmmm, anyone for coffee?"

Imagine feeling so good in what you've accomplished that you'll proudly hang you work on the wall.

Imagine reaching a level where you can sell your photos fo rsome extra money.

Here's what you'll learn in this eBook:

    Find out what lansdscape photography is all about
    The basics of photography and why they're so important
    How ISO Speed, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focal Length and Depth of Field inter-relate
    A technique called Hyperfocal Focusing for maximising your photos
    The importance of filters for your camera and the best ones to use
    How and when to use Graduated, Polarizing, Neutral Density and UltraViolet filters
    The best times to take landscape photos

But that's just basic stuff. With just that information, you'll be able to take some stunning landscape photos. But the ebook covers some more advanced topics that will help you make the most of the photographs you do take.

    Reasons why you should go digital if you're still using film
    16 simple tips that will improve your results
    Tips especially for those travelling or going on vacation
    Tips especially for those using digital cameras
    How to take panoramic photos - it's easier than you might think!
    Learn about Black & Whilte photography and how to convert color to black & white
    Learn how to photograph the aurora and achieve stunning photos

By now you should be able to take photos you'll always be proud to show. But things can go wrong or the conditions you take your photo under may not be the best; you may have to take a photo quickly rather than having the time to set it up. Such is life. But there are some things you can do to help prepare yourself before a photo shoot and to remedy some simple problems afterwards.

    Learn how to understand weather reports - use them to plan photo shoots or know when to avoid them     Find out how to interpret satellite images, weather forecast and temperature maps
    Find out where you can look up your local weather online
    Learn a Photoshop technique for straightening sloping horizons
    Another Photoshop technique show you how to remove Purple Fringing from your photos

Then, to round off the eBook, there are a few things that will inspire you to widen your horizons where your landscape photography is concerned:

    Dressing for the occassion
    Using RAW vs JPG files (for digital photographers)
    How light is all-important
    Going further afield to other locations
    Things you need to be aware of if using a digital camera
    Answers to some frequently asked questions
    How to go about selling those photos you're now so proud of!

Some other resources have been included as well. The Guide to Great Landscape Photography is a 216-page ebook in PDF format that educates you on the nuts and bolts of basic photography and provides sink-your-teeth-into-it information on how to take stunning landscape photographs. And the price...

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